Kumamoto has a small and passionate rugby scene. Games are played from September until February. Unfortunately with the decline in playing numbers, the amount of games have been reduced. Some schools have a rugby team and most universities have one.
Depending on your playing ability, there are three leagues to choose from.

The first is a top league team called ‘Sundays’ that plays other teams from around Kyushu for a chance to see who progresses to the All Japan Tournament. If you were to join this team, you should expect to travel to Okinawa depending on their game schedule.

The second is the Kumamoto League and is played amongst four teams. If you are an ALT you can play for the ‘Teachers’ team. The skill level is not very high, but very fast.

The third is the Challenge League and consists of five teams. This would be perfect if you have always been interested in playing rugby, but were unsure of your ability or size.

Games are 30 minutes a half and played at KK Wing or Yatsushiro, depending on the schedule. There is a 7’s tournament at the end of March and various teams enter different mini competitions around Kyushu.