Kumamoto has a small but active fight scene. With the popularity of the UFC growing, so to are the mixed martial arts gyms around the city. There are usually around 5-10 fighting events held each year in Kumamoto alone. The majority for Kyushu are held in Fukuoka. If you are keen to try them out, there are many that can offer diet classes, fitness classes and beginner to pro level courses. It’s recommended that if you want to get the most out of your gym and instructor you should aim towards the beginner to pro courses and fighting in the ring at some stage. Amateur class allows you headgear, shin guards and bigger sized gloves than the pro classes. Even if that’s not your personal goal, it would mean that you are not pushed into the corner during the training sessions. One more tip would be to grab a friend and head down to partake in one of the free sessions before deciding to join.

Depending on where you live in Kumamoto, there should be a gym close by. Even if there are no gyms, you will find some groups meet at a local school gym to train. Ask your teachers and they should know someone to point in you in the right direction.

Our local MMA/kickboxing go-to, Greg, recommends his gym. The gym is called SK Active and is based in Toshima which is between the Kumamoto Interchange and Park Dome/KK Wing. Fees are ¥8000 a month and classes are from Monday to Friday 7-10pm. There are free weights, tires, treadmill, bench press and a squat rack to use. The coach lets you know where the key is, so you basically have a personal gym available 24 hours.
If you are not looking for a striking discipline then there is also Jiu Jitsu as an option. Many of the MMA schools are grounded in Jiu Jitsu. A good option is the Newaza Naka Kyushu group that practices twice a week near Suizenji. It is a free class on Tuesday and Friday evenings and you can practice no Gi which is closer towards MMA.
Striking gyms in Kumamoto: Seigo Dojo near Kumamoto Station. Kamikaze in Minami Kumamoto. Gym Perfect in Yatsushiro. Elephas near the Round One amusement center. M3 near Tokai University and SK Active in Toshima.
Feel free to message if you have any questions.