All you can eat Shabushabu for about 1200-1500 yen. Amazing!
Google coordinates: 32.762359,130.700762

Yoru no sakanayasan (夜の魚屋さん)‎ 
Good sushi place! Crazy good.
Google coordinates: 32.806678,130.713245

Giardino, in 2nd Sight building
A good Italian restaurant downtown. The meals come with all you can eat salad and drink bars. And all the veggies come from the Aso area. And it’s cheap, about 900 yen.
Google coordinates: 32.800623,130.706685

Nichirinji (日輪寺)
This is a temple in Yamaga. The temple grounds are really beautiful and there is a huge Budda statue.
You can eat at the temple, but you must make a reservation. They serve a multi-course meal prepared by monks living there. Everything is vegetarian as monks are not allowed to handle meat. Not cheap though.
Google coordinates: 33.039788,130.685484

Reef Burger
If you have had too much Japanese food, need a break, and are craving a big, huge, massive burger, go here. Yum Yum!
Google coordinates: 32.762645,130.693949