Outdoor Swimming

Ezuzo park (江津湖)
A so so place to swim at in the city.

Yuusui Pool 〔湯水プール〕
This is a pool that was built over a natural spring. The pool is shallow, so no really diving and swimming. Next to the pool is there is a pond, also shallow. Both are nice to paddle around in if you need to cool off – the water is very cold. However, its too bad that its not deeper, the water comes up to about my chest.
Google coordinates: 32.753499,130.771465

Kikuchi Keikoku (菊池渓谷)
This is a gorge on the Kikuchi river. Cold water to swim in! There are also natural water slides. And it is a beautiful gorge with nice hiking trails. A great place to cool down in in the summer.
Google coordinates: 32.784571,130.734274

Kikuchi River (菊池川)
Great swimming and a bridge to jump off of.
Google coordinates: 33.008286,130.882337

Kikuchi River
Great swimming! Waterfalls, too.
Google coordinates: 33.005173,130.868154

Yatani Keikoku (矢谷渓谷)
A nice gorge to cool down in. There are some natural waterslides that are so so, and a deep pool to jump into. No proper swimming though.
Google coordinates: 33.086921,130.817256

Mother Nature Campground
Awesome place to swim at. And there are waterslides! Loooooove this place.
Google coordinates: 33.090858,130.821955

Ryuumon no taki (竜門の滝)
Google coordinates: 33.275678,131.206992

Todoroki no taki (驫木の滝)
This is a nice place to swim at in Amakusa. There is a waterfall to jump off of into a nice pool.
Google coordinates: 32.421486,130.032849