Indian Restaurant Sanji インディアンレストランサンジ

Technically in Matsubase, Sanji is a favorite restaurant of many in the area. They have 15+ kinds of Indian/Nepalese curries as well as naan (cheese filled is best!) and other things like tikka masala and set meals. A curry and naan is usually about 1500yen together. Often the owner (presumably) gives a glass of lassi for free. Uto/Uki ALTs go there often for group dinners.

Address: 950-9 Matsubasemachi Urakawachi, Uki, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-0521

Nukumori no Sato ぬくもりの里

This is a soil onsen hidden in the mountains of Todoroki Suigen (a historical water source which is a nice sightseeing spot on its own). The soil made with fermented rice husks is kept at body temperature which is supposed to rejuvenate your cells and (truly) leaves you feeling relaxed and warm inside after being covered in the soil for 15 minutes. It is a little smelly, so even after showering at the facilities, it’s not recommended to go out on the town straight away. They give you paper underwear/bra to use while chilling in the soil but you need to bring your own towels for showering.

Address: 〒869-0457熊本県宇土市宮庄町430
Phone: 0964-22-1966
Website: http://nukumorinosato.net/

Hamazushi (Uto City Mall)

Not hidden, but totally a gem: this kaitenzushi place has most plates for 100 yen each and just 90yen on weekdays!

Address (of Uto City Mall): 〒869-0418 Kumamoto Prefecture, Uto, 善道寺町綾織9