Kumamoto City

ネブル NEVL

This café is located right across the street from the enchanted Kengun Shrine. It shares it’s space with a clothes shop, so you can do your share of shrine visiting, shopping, and grabbing a cup of jo all in one go! The interior is very Americana-retro, with large stamp-art and funky upbeat tunes. Once you walk up to order you’re greeted by a spread of delicious baked goods, which is actually what this café is known for. Akira, the super bright and fantastic owner, bakes his pretzels and famous Kengun anpans every morning, with lines crowding the café to grab a bite before work. He also serves coffees, and other awesome drinks…like milkshakes!

Directions: Take the tram towards Suizenji, and it’ll be on the last stop located in Kengunmachi. If you walk towards the famous shrine, you’ll see it right across the street from the shrine.

Address: 熊本県熊本市東区健軍2-26-15
Phone: 096-331-7731


If you’re a Mexican food lover, and all you want is a good taco, burrito—you name it—Tortacos has just what you need! The owner and his wife both operate the restaurant located about a 5 minute walk from the Shimotori. They’re only open on weekends, and reservations for larger parties are encouraged beforehand. It’s recent renovations in 2015 allowed more people to enjoy it’s savory dishes, while also providing a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere to have a great time with friends.

Address: 〒860-0017 熊本県熊本市 練兵町73
Phone: 096-221-5716

Kumamoto Castle (熊本城)

It’s a cool castle and worth a gander.
Google coordinates: 32.805889,130.705547

Ninomaru koen (二の丸公園)
This is a great park to chill, sunbathe and play Frisbee in, and its also good for cherry blossom viewing parties in the spring.
It is right next to the castle.

Hanaokayama (花岡山)
From here you can enjoy a great view of the city – the night view is especially nice. It’s also a bit of a date spot in the evening, in case you are in need of such a place. And the road up is lined with love hotels, in case you were curious what they look like, or are in need of one, for, uh, because your place is being fumigated.

Honmiyoji (本妙寺)
This is a really big temple complex in the city. Make sure to hike up the stairs to get a great view of the city.

Fujisakigu (藤崎宮)
A big temple in the city.

Suizenji park (水前寺公園)
A nice traditional Japanese style garden. Biggest one in the city. See it once, but just once.

Ezuko Koen (江津湖公園)
A very beautiful park in the city, and also the largest park in the city. There are natural springs you can drink from there. Good for jogging and bike riding.

Kinpouzan (金峰山)
The big mountain to the west of the city. Amazing view from the top of Kumamoto city. Great view in the day and at night. It is a great bike ride to the top for those that really like to exercise. Also a good long hike for those looking for an all day trek.  You can take a bus up route 1 and get kinda close to the peak, kinda.

Tastuda Shizen Koen (立田自然公園)
A natural park with a fair number of walking trails.

Iwatonosato koen(岩戸の里公園)
This place has many stone statues and a cave where the famous swordsmen Miyamoto either 1) contemplated on his life OR 2) worked on his book, The Five Rings, OR 3) maybe all of the above. I don’t recall. This is worth a visit.