海月Kurage (Fresh Amakusa Sushi Restaurant)

Amakusa is known for it’s fresh seafood, and the chef here knows how to prepare it, using both traditional (nigiri) and more creative methods. All ingredients are based off of the season, and you should be prepared to be filled to the brim! The chef was born and raised in Amakusa, but moved to Osaka to learn and work as a Sushi chef for 15 years. Now that he’s back, he’s able to combine all that he learned, using the ingredients that he grew up with. It’s really a fantastic restaurant!The restaurant is a bit tricky to find (like most inaka eateries) located up the street from the famous Sakitsu Church within the narrow roads of Kawaura town. It’s quite small, and it can sit possibly 15 people max.

Address: 〒863-1204河浦町崎津545
Phone: +81 969-79-0051

茂串海水浴場 (モグシカイスイヨクジョウ) Mogushi Beach

Directions after arriving in Ushibuka: A bit tough to find (surprise surprise!) Once you drive into Ushibuka on the 266 road, take it all the way past the Ushibuka High School stop light, you’ll hit a T junction, make a right there. Follow that road until you hit another T-junction facing the ocean, make a left and follow this road as you wind through a neighborhood. Eventually, you’ll see a sign on your right pointing you towards the beach, make that right there and continue on straight until you arrive! Don’t be fooled by the volcanic rocks you have to walk through first to get to the sandy area of the beach, it might take another 5 mins of walking before actually getting to a place you’d like to settle and swim. But I definitely love the feeling of being separated from the outside world, just after 5 mins of walking!

Phone: 0969-73-2111