Helpful Sites

Kumamoto JET

kumamoto jet screenshot

This is probably the droid you are looking for.

While KumAJET’s website is about bringing people together and having fun, the Kumamoto JET website is a completely different resource that focuses on the more practical aspects of living in Japan and Kumamoto Prefecture.

The Kumamoto JET website covers things like filing taxes, getting your driver’s license in Japan, information about visas, everyday life, support services, teaching English, and much more!


tofugu screenshot

Tofugu is a fun website that covers everyday living in Japan, the ALT life, Japanese pop culture, and of course, the many things you can do in Japan!

Tofugu’s travel archives let you search all articles about travel in Japan, and feature a function that categorizes travel opportunities by prefecture. Definitely check it out!

Kumamon’s Kumamoto Diary

photo22This public Facebook page is written from  Kumamon’s point of view, sharing special events and bits of history throughout amazing spots all over Kumamoto prefecture. And of course, there are tons of cute photos of Kumamon!

Kumamoto Nagomi Tourism Site

One of the most popular Kumamoto tourism websites, packed with information about living in this wonderful prefecture.

kumamoto nagomi tourist site

Kumamoto City Official Guide

Want to know more about the heart of Kumamoto prefecture? Check out this tourist website devoted to the wonderful Kumamoto City.

kumamoto city guide

Japan Travel – Kumamoto

A section of the vast Japan Travel website devoted solely to Kumamoto Prefecture. You can explore sections by area, view the top tourist destinations, local specialties, and more.

kumamoto city guide

Of course, with internet and FB searches, you can find tons of more information about our wonderful prefecture, but we hope you find these particularly helpful as you make your life in Kumamoto.  ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७