🎃 Oogie Boogie Halloween Party 🎃

Something wicked this way comes….

It’s KumAJET’s annual Oogie Boogie Halloween Party!!

When tombs creak open and witches take flight,
we’ll gather in the desolate dark of night. (Red Line Bar)
Come join in the revelry. Do not dare be late, (8 pm)
else woe. Misfortune shall be your fate. (Less than the full 2 hours of nomihoudai)

When: Saturday, October 26th, 8pm
Price: 2,700JPY
Location: Red Line Bar (8F)
Romaji: 12-5 Hanabatacho, Chuo Ward, Kumamoto, 860-0806
Japanese: 〒860-0806 熊本県熊本市中央区花畑町12−5

For the admission fee, you get: 2 hours of nomihoudai, light snacks, and candy! (Dinner is recommended!). Along with the nomihoudai, there will be a COSTUME CONTEST! Categories include:

  1. Most Creative
  2. Cutest
  3. Scariest
  4. Best Couple
  5. Best Group

If this sounds like your cup of tea (or cauldron of eye of newt and toe of frog), please RSVP by replying to our email or shooting an email to kumajet@ajet.net! Stay spooky~~

Usagyuuun! 3

Okuyatani Valley Camping Trip !

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After several weeks of blazing sun and pouring rain, it’s finally starting to feel like fall! What could be a better way to celebrate the turning of the seasons than a trip to the lovely, suzushii mountains of northeastern Kumamoto Prefecture? There’ll be camping, barbecuing, hiking, and much, much more! (like waterslides! You can’t miss the waterslides!)

Please see below for the details of the trip!

When? Where?

Date and Time: October 5th, 4 – 5pm (check-in) to October 6th, 12pm (check-out). You do not have to stay overnight, but there will be several reserved cabins and tents for those who would like to!

Location: Okuyatani Valley, in northern Yamaga and close to the intersection of Fukuoka, Kumamoto, and Oita prefectures.

The best way to get to Okuyatani is by car! Please post on the group page if you are looking for a ride or have space in your car for people. There is parking at the front of the campsite.

How much is it?

Cabin Spot: 2,300JPY / person (max 7 people per cabin)
Tent Spot: 1,100JPY / person (max 5 people per tent)
Day Admission to the Campsite: 200JPY / person

There will be KumaJET volunteers at the campsite from around 12PM onwards in order to help people register, but check-in will not be until 4PM. You will not be able to enter your living space until then.

What’s the living/food and drink situation?

The cabins are tatami, while the tents have lightly padded floors. If you are planning on staying, a futon, pillows, and a blanket, would be good things to bring. The campsite rents out blankets for around ¥200. It gets cool at night, so please dress accordingly!

For dinner, there is a nearby chicken restaurant that we are planning to go to! If you would prefer not to go for whatever reason, we have access to a barbecue pit where you can cook your own food. All cabins also have kitchens. The faucets have potable spring water. Otherwise, please bring your own food, snacks, drinks, and alcohol!

Okay, great! What do I have to do now?

If you are interested in staying overnight and/or the chicken restaurant, RSVP by 20:00 (8PM) on Wednesday, September 25th by emailing kumajet@ajet.net! Also, we are considering visiting a nearby chestnut farm!

In your email, please include the following:

  1. Whether or not you’d like to stay overnight, and your tent vs. cabin preference
  2. Are you joining the restaurant dinner (set meal, grilled chicken, ¥1000)?
  3. Whether or not you’d be interested in visiting the chestnut farm (small fee)

Overnight accommodations are first come, first served!! We will confirm ASAP whether or not you got accommodations by email.

For updates, please continue checking the KumaJET page, Facebook event, and your email! If you are not on the mailing list and would like to be, please email kumajet@ajet.net with something like “mailing list” or “subscription” in the subject and we’ll be sure to get you settled.

Hope to see all of y’all in Okuyatani!

Peppy Usagyuuun!!

KumAJET Survey

Hello lovely people of Kumamoto and beyond!

For those of you who came to the Ashikita Beach Party this past weekend, we wanna give out a huge thank you! You all tidied up the cabins amazingly and left great impressions on us, the KumaStaff!
Now, we would like to hear about what you made of it! Please fill out the survey, even if you did not come to Ashikita! It has valuable information that we can use throughout this next JET year.
Please fill it out by Saturday, September 14th, 13:00. We will be reserving accommodation for our next event very soon!! 🙂
Thank you!~
KumAJET President 2019-2020