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Events Policy


RSVP Events Policy

Throughout the year, KumAJET holds several events that require an RSVP to attend. The main reason why is because KumAJET must reserve event venues in advance since our numbers are so big. These venues require us to confirm reservations a set amount of days before an event, so this ties into how KumAJET comes up with the RSVP deadlines.

Once we have submitted reservations to the event venue, those reservations become finalized. The venue holds us financially responsible for those slots. If we have attendees who are no-shows or cancel after our deadline, KumAJET is still required to compensate the venue for each reservation.  Thus, we have determined that if you cancel your reservation after our event deadline, you are still financially accountable to KumAJET for your admission fee.


KumAJET is a group comprised entirely of volunteers. KumAJET is not awarded operational budgets, grants, or other monetary fees by AJET or any other organization.  We raise our funds solely through our events.

This is how it works.

If an event is successful (meets its quota):

  • The money made from admission fees funds that specific event
  • Any surplus funds from admission funds the next event
    • This leads to a wider variety of activities and locales
    • This leads to the admission fees for events being lower in price

If an event is unsuccessful (fails to meet its quota):

  • KumAJET loses money
    • If we have leftover funds from previous events, they will be used to compensate the venue for reservation cancellations and no-shows
    • When KumAJET is already in the red (no funds available), KumAJET members have had to tap into their personal finances to cover event losses. This is unfair to KumAJET members.
  • KumAJET may have to decrease the number of events it holds every year
  • KumAJET may have to charge a higher admission fee for future events to make up for lost funds

We hope you understand the reason for our policy and we are grateful for your cooperation – you help keep the KumAJET organization and its events up and running!

TL;DR version of the policy:

  • For reservation-only events, you must RSVP by the deadline.
  • We collect the admission fee upon your arrival at the event.
  • If you cancel your spot or fail to show up at an event, KumAJET will still hold you financially accountable for your admission fee, and we will have a representative contact you to collect it.
  • By RSVP’ing for a KumAJET event, you automatically agree to this policy.

Once again, thank you for understanding. KumAJET can’t exist without you!