KumAJET supports Black lives

After careful thought,  we cannot stay silent.

Unequivocally, KumAJET supports Black and Brown lives. Black lives matter, they’ve always mattered, and they will always matter. Why are we posting this now though?

Being in Japan comes with its own challenges. We may be farther away from protests that disrupt people’s everyday life back home, as well as not directly affected by the depictions of police violence we see on the news. However, being in Japan and having a full-time job can also mean we are farther away from family, friends, and support systems. This (understandably) can be a time full of feelings of anxiety, guilt, and powerlessness. We have been working hard to compile resources in the form of a guide focusing on our experiences and knowledge as JETs, in the hopes of providing resources and support that may be useful for the coming months.

Access the guide or click through to individual sections below:

  1. Educational resources (English)
  2. Educational resources (Japanese)
  3. Vocabulary for talking with Japanese people about BLM and racism
  4. How to have that hard conversation with people back home
  5. Act
  6. Supporting  yourself and self-care

Especially to our Black JETs, but to all Kumamoto JETs, please know – you are not alone. We are here for you, and we hope that you will reach out if there’s anything that we can do to support and help.