COVID-19 Updates: Spring Events!

Hello good citizens of Kumamoto!

We hope that these days of desk-warming and being house-bound have treated you well. In the spirit of social distancing, we here at KumAJET HQ have made a tough decision: along with the cancellation of Round 1, Round 2, we have decided to cancel our yearly hanami on March 29th.

Image result for kumamon and cherry blossoms

Alas, cavorting among the cherry blossoms was not meant to be. Source:

However, as of now, Kumafest is still continuing as planned on May 23rd and 24th. As the situation in May becomes more clear, we will update all of you on whether it’s feasible! We will be sending out emails, Facebook events, and other news on that soon, so keep an eye out.

In the meantime, read that book that you’ve been meaning to get to, start that creative project you’ve had stuck in your head for the longest time, and finish binging that TV show. Also, call your mom or that friend you need to reconnect with, they’ve been waiting to hear from you. Stay strong everyone!