Could it be… the END of Kumafest?!?!?!! Click through to find out!

JK lol. But now that I’ve gotten your attention, we do actually need y’all’s help, good residents of Kumamoto.

Kumafest is alive and well! It is planned for the weekend of May 23rd and 24th. However, before we can book the campsite we normally use, (Aspecta in Minami Aso) we need a basic headcount as well as sleeping-place count, as Kumafest is BYO Tent (mostly, some exceptions apply. More information on this forthcoming.) To fill out the survey, please click HERE.

Testimonials from Kumafests of years past:

“It was okay, I guess.” – Lottie Caddick, current KumAJET member

“…ʕ๏ᴥ๏ʔ…もん” – Kumamon, probably.

If you like camping, spending time with friends, being in the cool mountain air during the heat of the summer, yummy grilled BBQ, then Kumafest may be for you! The survey can be accessed here! Please fill it out before Friday, Feb. 21st.

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