KumAJET Presents: Pub Quiz and Bake Sale

Good people of Kumamoto!

Many of you will be at Kumamoto’s Skill Development Conference (SDC) next Thursday and Friday. Throughout all of SDC, KumAJET traditionally has a booth where we sell homemade baked goods and used books and DVDs (50% of all proceeds will go to Jiaien Children’s Home). We will also have a raffle. If you would like to donate baked goods, please note what you’re bringing on the sheet and bring it on Thursday morning or give it to a KumAJET member beforehand! Everything will be about 100 yen each!

On the first night of SDC, there will be a pub quiz at Oden, a German beer hall in Shimotori. If you’re around on Thursday night and don’t know what else to do, come to Beer Restaurant Oden with a team of friends for sausages, pretzels, and the chance to duke it out with JETs from all across Kumamoto for the title of trivia masters! We will have Teams should be around 4-6 people! While the beer is not included in the entry price, there is good beer from across the world and we highly recommend trying out one or two while you’re there.

See the details below!

Date and Time: Thursday, Nov. 28th, from 19:30-21:30
Location: Beer Restaurant Oden
Admission Fee: 700-900 yen

See y’all at SDC!

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