Oogie Boogie + Shimatori = Halloween Perfection


Graphic by Chase Sutherland.

KumAJET’s Halloween Event this year is Oogie Boogie Night! This is an all-you-can-drink event for JETs and locals to get together as a warm-up to one of Kumamoto City’s most awesome nights for Halloween!

Shimatori, Kumamoto City’s shopping arcade and major hub for city nightlife, fills with people dressed in Halloween costumes. And Halloween costumes in Japan are doubly awesome because it’s a combo of traditional Halloween fare and some epic cosplay.

Halloween is gaining more momentum in Japan, so it’s really awesome to see so many people come out in Kumamoto to celebrate the holiday!

KumAJET wants you to join in on the fun! Oogie Boogie Night sets the stage – drink up and get your snack on at food bar JOHN ROE! Come in costume, compete in our awesome contest for prizes, and then join the hundreds of others parading in their finest throughout Shimatori!


Shimatori, Halloween 2016. Photo by Chris Ott.

Check out this video by the Kimochi Channel of Kumamoto’s Shimatori from last year’s Halloween!


Here are some photos of the costumes from last year’s Halloween at Shimatori, featuring some of your fabulous KumAJET team (Bilal, Chiri, Joyce, and Olivia)!


Shimatori, Halloween 2016. Photos by Chiri Davis, Joyce Tan, and Olivia Poole. 

Come spend October 28 with us at food bar JOHN ROE  and Kumamoto City’s famous Shimatori! RSVP BY OCTOBER 21, PLEASE!

For more details, please visit the KumAJET Event Listing on Facebook. We also have a detailed post, Oogie Boogie Night Awaits! that includes maps and directions, costume ideas, and other information.