What’s New at KumAJET.org


It looks like the summer heat and humidity is finally over, and Kumamoto’s brief but wonderful fall will soon be in full swing. With the cooler temperatures, why not get outdoors? We’ve just added tons of suggestions for cool hiking spots, onsens, and temples as well as great spots to view the fall leaves under our Things to Do tab. Please check it out!

Since we started in August, this year’s KumAJET team has organized Taco Night, the Ashikita Beach Party, and the Monstapocolypse Halloween event in Kumamoto City. You can now see photos from all of these days on our Events page under Pictures From Our Events.

With how busy November is, the Christmas season will soon be upon us. For us at KumAJET, December means doing as much charity work as possible. Look out for our SDC Bake Sale and Jiaien Volunteering Event, which we will soon post more info on under our Volunteering tab.

On that note, we’re still looking for suggestions for places where KumAJET members can volunteer. If you have any more ideas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the webmaster at kumajet@ajet.net.

Happy fall!