The Masquerade and 2017 events

Happy New Year everyone! We here at Kumajet have a lot planned for 2017, so this post is going to be a long one. But first thing’s first, our next event, the Masquerade, will be held on Saturday January 21, 2017.

The Masquerade:

As always KumAJET will start the year off with some mystery and class by holding our Annual Winter Formal. This year’s theme is a classic masquerade ball for all you ballers. We can’t wait to see who’s behind the mask.
Prizes will be awarded for best dress!

When: Saturday, January 21, 2017 from 7:30pm-9:30pm

Where: Figaro 5F (Managed by Bianco)

Cost: 3,500¥ All-you-can-drink and Italian dishes (if you are on the RSVP list)

4,000¥ All you can drink and Italian dishes (if you aren’t on the RSVP & pay at the door)

RSVP by January 14th, to

Be sure to tell us how many people will be in your party, and their names.

Enjoy an enchanted evening of fine dining, dancing, karaoke, and much more. Stay classy my friends.


Events for Spring and Summer 2017 :

January 28thThe Masquerade. This has already been mentioned in this post, so we will forgo the explanation. Please feel free to send an email or Facebook message to us with any questions.

February 25th – Stoplight Mixer. Single, complicated or taken? Wear a color representative of your relationship status. Red if you’re taken, yellow if it’s complicated and green if you are single and ready to mingle. Alternatively, if you are uncomfortable sharing such personal information, make something up! Most creative story that’s completely untrue wins 15 Kumajet points. (Not redeemable for money… Or anything, really.)

March – Nothing has been planned for March as of yet, we will update you if the schedule changes.

April – Picnic at the Castle. Enjoy eating lunch with all your friends under the beautiful spring cherry blossoms at Kumamoto Castle. Kumamoto has been through a lot since last year’s picnic, but even in spite of it’s damage from the 2016 earthquakes, Kumamoto Castle still holds a forlorn beauty that isn’t to be missed. The date will be announced at least one month prior to the event, so stay tuned!

May – We have no events for May, however as with March, stay tuned and we will update the calendar if anything changes.

June – It’s the end of our time as Kumajet! We will be recruiting the next generation of Kumajet, so keep your eyes peeled for details on this when summer is approaching.

That’s it! We’ll have the 2017 calendar posted in the calendar section for your convenience. It will be regularly updated as the event schedule becomes more clear, or if any changes need to be made. Let’s have a great year, and we’ll see you at our next event!


Myoukensai – November 2016

Hi everyone, Myoukensai happened just a few days ago in Yatsushiro City, and it was tons of fun. For those that went, please send us your pictures, we took a few, but we’d love to see more. For now, here’s what we have!

For those that didn’t come, Myoukensai is the festival celebrating a turtle god with the head of a snake. And there are also horses. Lots and lots of horses. We’ll probably do this event again next year, so don’t miss all the fun!

Ashikita Beach Party 2016!

Hey Everyone!

KumAJET will be hosting its annual Ashikita Beach party on September 10 through the eleventh.

Like in previous years you have the option to stay for one day (Saturday) and take part in the BBQ and fun events, or you can stay the night in one of the cabins provided.

Check in starts at 4 pm on Saturday , the 10th, and check out will be at 9 am sharp on Sunday. Cabins will be based on first come, first serve, so if you would like to room with your friends please make sure to get their early.

Price per person:
Overnight: 2500 yen
1 day: 500 yen
Payment can be made at the entrance.

〒 869-5305
Kumamoto-ken, Ashikita-gun,
Tanouramachi, 145.

*(Directions to Otachimisaki park will be posted on the KumAJET website soon).

Please remember to RSVP for this event by September 3, 2016 on both Facebook and by e-mail.

I’m sure you guys remember the one that was held last year. It’s a great chance to meet the incoming JETs and hang out with all the other JETs from around the prefecture. As for the new JETs welcome to Kumamoto we hope to meet and become acquainted will all of you at this amazing event! Hope to see you guys there!

Look below for more details:
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KumAJET Handover


On June 11, 2016 the 2015/2016 KumAJET team officially passed off the KumAJET duties to a new group of Kumamoto JETs. At the recruitment event our new members survived an afternoon of PowerPoints, icebreakers, voting for roles and more before the torch was officially passed. The members of the 2015/2016 team want to thank the KumAJET community for all of their support during our term. We all had a blast planning events for you this year.

Good luck to KumAJET 2016/2017! We look forward to keeping up with you on!

Kumamoto’s Got Talent!

Retro microphone on stage in restaurant. Blurred background

When: May 28th, 6 PM – 8 PM

Where: music&bar SLOWHAND (スローハンド)




It’s time for KumAJET’s annual Talent show!
!!! 日本語は以下にあります !!!!

Show us what you got at this year’s Kumamoto’s Got Talent!
There are multiple categories and many prizes to be won!

Doors open at 5:45PM
Cover charge is : ¥1000

The spot light not your thing? We also have an art portion! We’re accepting everything from photos, sculptures, and paintings to haiku, original memes, and stick man comics! Art is your oyster! The art will be displayed around the venue for people to take a look and vote on their favourite! And submitting your art under a pseudonym is A-OK! 🙂

Don’t have a talent? Don’t worry! Come out and enjoy the event and vote for your favorite acts!

If you’d like to participate in the talent / art show, please email the following information to

Talent type: (solo, duo, group, art)

For Example:
Terrance B.
Poetry reading
“The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe

Example 2:
Leo the Amazing
Art – Haiku
“My love of cows”

Please submit your talent by May 25th.
You can participate in each Talent Type (solo, duo, group, art) but not multiple of one. (example: two paintings – art).
Each act cannot be more than 3 minutes long to ensure that there is time for everyone.

This is for entertainment only! Don’t be afraid to get up and do something silly! There are prizes for that too!

Also note, Good Time Charlie has limited space so if you want a good seat make sure you get there on time!

See you all there!! ♥

入場料: ¥1000
開場時間: 17:45
何名: (一人,二人,グループ)

Haruka Kuwajima
芸術 – 絵画
Kimi Hashimoto
“Help” by The Beatles


Picnic in the Park


Date: Saturday, April 9th, 2016

Time: 12:00 – 16:00

Where: Park next to Ninomaru Parking Lot, Kumamoto Castle Grounds

Join us for a picnic in the park, with sakura trees surrounding us and Kumamoto

Castle only a stone’s throw away. The sakura forecast shows that peak sakura

blossoming should happen around this time, and Kumamoto castle is one of the

best spots for hanami!

All you need to do is bring a blanket, a bento, and a beverage and join us for an

afternoon of picnicking, fun, and games.

We’ll also be hosting a book and bake sale. So if you have any books or

homemade baked-goods you’d like to donate, please bring them to the picnic!

** Everyone is welcome! The more the merrier, so don’t be shy. We love

meeting new people. **

** Google Maps Location **

We will be holding the event in the park next to Ninomaru Parking Lot. It’s a

large open area, you can’t miss it! But just in case, here is a google maps:二の丸広場




(KumAJET will not be providing food or beverages, so please make sure you bring

your own!)

Help Raise Money for the Special Olympics!

KumAJET has a message from Yuichi Yoshida, who is involved with the Special Olympics in Japan:

There will be Special Olympics Winter National Game in Niigata in February.  Fifty athletes and coaches (including my daughter) from Kumamoto will take part, which means we need a lot of money.  So I started a crowd funding project, but I have had difficult time raising fund.  Would you help me by donating or letting your friends know about this project.  My daughter will be snowshoeing.  Thank you in advance.

We would love to support Yoshida san and his daughter. If you’re interested in donating and aren’t familiar with crowdfunding, he has created a step-by-step explanation, in English, in the PDF below. The deadline to donate is February 14, 2016. 

How to donate

Volunteer With Us On December 13th!

Winter Fun Day

Winter is coming, but before you head off on vacation or go into hibernation… Why don’t you join us for the last KumAJET event of 2015?
This isn’t just any old event either! This is an event created with the purpose of giving back to the Kumamoto community and putting some smiles on some kids’ faces.
On Sunday, December 13 (from 13:30 – 16:00), KumAJET will be hosting a “Winter Fun Day” at the Jiaien Orphanage (〒862-0954 熊本県熊本市中央区神水1丁目14−1) in Kumamoto City.
But we can’t (and don’t want to) do it alone! We need people, like you, to come to this event.
What will you be asked to do? Play games, make crafts, hang out with some great kids, and maybe bring a snack to share! Basically, we just want to make sure the kids at Jiaien have a blast.
Sometimes the smallest acts can make the biggest differences.
If you are interested in joining us for the afternoon, please send us an email ( back. And please spread the word! The more volunteers we have, the more fun the kids will have.

We’re Not Done With Halloween Yet!


When: Saturday, November 28th from 8:30-2am

Where: Omuta Heights Hotel (おおむたハイツ)
〒837-0905 福岡県大牟田市甘木甘木山1203-116

Come in costume and join your fellow ALTs from Tamana Gun for a night of dancing, drinking, contests, games, and more! For only ¥2500, you can join these party monsters and drink as much beer and cocktails as humanly possible – all night nomihoudai.

If alcohol isn’t your thing, no need to worry! There will be non-alcoholic drinks as well. Feel free to invite ALTs, Japanese/foreign friends, and anyone else who wants to have fun.

Please RSVP to the party by clicking YES on the Facebook event page:
( )

For those who can’t access the Facebook event, please e-mail Jessie Weinstein at

Overnight Accommodations:
If you would like to stay the night, you can reserve a space in one of our communal tatami rooms for just ¥1000 extra. We will only have accommodation for 42 people, so we will be giving out and checking wristbands for the people who RSVPed to stay over. While there are a few other hotel options in the area, this is by far the cheapest and most convenient.

Futons and pillows will be provided for overnight guests, and in the morning you can use the hotel’s onsen! For ladies who would prefer to stay in a separate area, we still have a few spots in our small tatami room. Please e-mail Jessie Weinstein at if interested.

Space is limited, so please RSVP early here: (URL link:

By car: From Kyushu Expressway, take the Nankan IC Exit and head towards Omuta City. After 7 – 8 minutes, turn right at the Motomura intersection on Route 208. Then turn left at the intersection after Kuranaga Station. Stay on this road until you reach Omuta Heights, which will be on your right.

By train: The hotel is a 10 minute uphill walk from the Nishitetsu Line Kuranaga Station. We will be having cars shuttle from the train station to Omuta Heights, so if you are planning to come by train, please contact a Tamana Gun member.