KumAJET’s Discord Server and Event Announcement

Calling all denizens of Kumamoto!

First of all, our lovely online community manager Lewis, has created an awesome online community for Kumamoto JETs on Discord. Feel free to check it out here (note: sign-up required!). There’s great channels for discussing things like eating vegetarian in Japan, cool places to visit in Kumamoto, KumAJET events, studying for Japanese, and even CATS!!

According to the man himself:

Discord is a free online application for chatting, a little like a mix of Skype and Facebook but with an active community driven flare.

We’ve created this server in hopes of bringing together folks from all over the prefecture regardless of distance. If you want to find or interact with people in Kumamoto that share common interests, this is the space where you can do that.

We also plan to hold many online KumAJET events via the discord server, such as: monthly pub quizzes, TV and movie parties, gaming tournaments, Japanese study sessions, and anything else our amazing community can come up with!

Second of all, with the sad news of the Ashikita Beach Party’s cancellation, KumAJET has been mulling over how to create events that can bring people together in these *cough cough* unprecedented times. To that end, great minds at KumAJET have created a new event that is properly socially-distanced and enjoyable for one and all! It can be done in-person or you can play with anyone in (or out of) the prefecture through video-call! What could it be?

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KumAJET 2019-2020: A Year in Review!

As this year draws to a close, it’s time to look back on the last year and everything we’ve been up to! We’re starting to rev up for next year and our new board will be announced in the next few weeks. It was so great seeing so many new and old faces in our trips and activities around Kumamoto. Thank you to all of the current and past Kumamoto JETs, and our past executive members. This year wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Bts v kumamon bangtan GIF - Find on GIFER

So…what did we get up to this year? I’m so glad you asked!

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Kyushu Floods and How to Help

EDIT (7/29/20): Please refer to our volunteering page for information on how to help people in the affected areas!

Kumamotoans and Kumamoto-lovers!

As I’m sure you all know, Kumamoto and the rest of Kyushu is currently dealing with a natural disaster of historic and catastrophic levels. Dozens of people have been declared dead or missing, while tens of thousands have been displaced and hundreds of thousands more have been affected by loss of power and other unfortunate situations.

But what can we do to help?

KumAJET is looking into setting up a fundraiser for current Kumamoto JETs, but for now, in case you’re not sure where to donate, here’s a useful document collecting current donation and crowdfunding efforts.

These range from large corporations and companies like the Japan Postal Service, Aeon Bank, Rakuten, and Yahoo, to smaller companies and the regions and towns themselves. Most of them will have updates as to where the money is going, as well as how much money has been collected.

As the document linked above is in Japanese, here are a few different avenues that KumAJET thinks might be a good place to start.

  • For those in and around Kumamoto City, Jeff’s World Bar is currently raising money at the bar, which they will donate by the end of July.
  • To donate directly to various cities and towns, you can go to Satofuru or Furusato Choice, which are collecting for many towns affected. For both, you will have to log in to donate, but the sign-up procedure is quite straightforward. You can choose where your money goes, as well as have some say into what it is used for, so this is a good option to start with. Payment is possible by credit card, mobile providers, convenience store, and Pay-Easy.
  • Another company collecting donations is ReadyFor, which are collecting for various support and rescue groups in the region. You can choose to donate to any of them by going through their website. Note that there is a minimum donation of 3000 yen.
  • Finally, for our overseas folks, two very simple ways to donate is through Rakuten Global or Yahoo! Japan. This will require a credit card.

With the global pandemic, both evacuation and rescue/volunteer efforts have been significantly hampered. Now more than ever, it’s truly important to come together and support each other. As more news comes out, we will be sure to keep you all updated.

Stay safe and dry, Kumamoto!